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Saturday, July 24, 2010* (the 2nd to last Saturday of the month!) 7-10pm

July 21, 2010

The 2010 Summer Series continues this Saturday!

*All Summer Series events held at 649 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211 and entrance is $15 suggested donation unless otherwise noted*

Masha Udensiva-Brenner reads her short comedic memoir piece, about taking her uncle to a failed toy audition, Leetle Green Frog.

“Gradually”, a striking performance piece by Butch Merigoni. Featuring Ben La Rocco, Justin Briggs, and others.

-“People hold the potential for growth and great things regardless of obstacles. There is always a chance  for renewal and progress. This performance refers to the act of not only progress, but the realization of one’s own potential.”

Colorform rocks out with live art created over the course of their full set.

– “Colorform’s goal is to create a multi dimensional artistic experience that is as organic as it is intentional.  We strive to make each performance unique and accessible – with raw human themes presented through words, sound and color.”

Jenny Gomez performs a excerpt from her one-woman show, The Comedy of Gender.

– “The Comedy of Gender is a live performance piece that explores the curious conundrum of sex in the world of comedy. What makes funny? Are men really funnier than women? If not, why aren’t we laughing with them?
These questions and more will be answered in this thought provoking, hilarious presentation….”

Charred Oak Films presents the hilarious short film, “The Scientists.”

Directed by Scott Chinn.

Written by Richard Lovejoy.

Costume Design by Katie Irish.

Starring Kent Meister and Richard Lovejoy.

Artist Caridad Sola will be creating a large scale installation piece in Backyart’s gallery space.

– “Awaken your senses. Dark soil wrapped in white sheets, bricks suspended in air by delicate sheer ribbon, a red-feathered pillow fight in a white room, and gallons of water contained in the holes of giant inner tubes. I expose the buried memories that everyday objects hold. I invite you to feel the materials: stick your hands into water, walk barefoot on pillows, feel the slight roll of freshly-cut sugar cane underneath your feet; smell the feathers, the soil, the cane; and hear the sound of a beating heart or water lapping. In the transformation of these spaces, I create experiences. I have a passion for the grandiose, the dramatic, and the theatrical. I expose viewers to rituals, collective memories, and metaphors. But like memories, these experiences will not last. Installations are ephemeral; after they are de-installed all that remains are memories, documentation, and artifacts. From bricks to pillows, I want to create an unforgettable experience.”

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