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Backyart’s 2nd Birthday, June 26th!

June 23, 2010

Come celebrate our 2nd birthday this Saturday!

We’ll have cake, drinks and truly birthday worthy line-up of amazing artists!

our awesome first b-day cake made by the amazing Bronwyn Fleming-Jones

*All Summer Series events held at 649 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211 and entrance is $15 suggested donation unless otherwise noted*

Saturday, June 26, 2010                                                          7-10pm

A Toast with Champale,

a new play by Veronica Newton.

A bad-boy has found the woman he wants to marry.  He’s sure she is “the one”, but now he has to get her to say yes.

Directed by: Ali Ayala

Starring: Sarah Wood and Drew Seltzer

The Brandy String Trio

The Brandy String Trio, a “Classical” string trio founded in NYC, will be performing original works, composed by Whitney George and Jay Vilnai.

slapHappy, a series of short webisodes created by Jaunty Joker Productions

“an unhappy marriage…an unusual solution”

Episodes 1-6

Captain Sharky’s Historical Gender Equality Reactualization Society presents “Nerdlesque.”

Nerds were once outsiders, but have recently enjoyed of an explosion of popularity.  The new found popularity of nerdom is largely a result of society becoming more accepting as people from all walks of life start to realize that they are, in fact, nerds about something.  Using the medium of burlesque, we explore what is funny, sexy, and compelling about nerds.


A Summer Series Recap: May 29th

May 31, 2010

The Summer Series returned kicked off it’s 3rd season with a BANG this weekend! Inbred Hybrid Collective blew us away with their chilling rendition of “Brother Can You Spare a Dime”, Love:Underground, further solidified J. Anthony Roman as one of Backyart’s most active artists, Adam Cohen wailed out on the guitar, and Liz Magic Laser and Dafna Maimon’s short film “Service” heralded the end of the world as we know it.

It was also Lia’s last event as Backyart’s Visual Arts Curator – so in honor of her time with us we put together a Backyart retrospective made of pieces in Backyart’s private collection that have been shown over the past two years.

Backyart is back this Saturday, May 29th!

May 25, 2010

The 2010 “Summer Series”

*All Summer Series events held at 649 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211 and entrance is $15 unless otherwise noted*

Saturday, May 29, 2010                                                                        7-10pm

LOVE:UNDERGROUND, a new play by J. Anthony Roman.

Dir. by Lia Woertendyke. Starring Nic Grelli and Jenny Gomez

Love:Underground is a scene about a couple breaking off their affair after years and realizing their best days of their releationship were in their teens, and within the nyc subway system.

Adam Cohen takes us on an emotional journey as he rocks out.

Service, a short film by Liz Magic Laser and Dafina Maimon

A script was developed by extracting and reformulating lines from popular disaster films such as Armageddon, Outbreak, The Day After Tomorrow, The Core and Deep Impact. This script was performed by actors, Neal Bledsoe and Annika Boras, as if they were a married couple hosting a dinner party. Within their neurotic dialogue, the impending threat to man’s survival continually shifts from an asteroid, to a disease, to a dramatic climate change. As they argue about the task at hand, saving the world, they begin feeding their dinner guests in a progressively frenzied manner. The language of American heroicism is re-articulated to explore its creepy absurdity and bathos.

Inbred Hybrid Collective

Established in 2005. Our mandate is to stimulate a consciousness of the external factors affecting our human existence. The type of interventions associated with Inbred Hybrid Collective, achieved as artistic concept, constitute a provocation for the public to reflect upon the influence that this immersion has had upon them. We are not committed to any one medium in the exploration of a concept.

Backyartists BBQ this weekend!

May 11, 2010

There is lots of news to catch everyone up on, but for the moment, I just want to announce that this weekend we’ll be holding our first Backyartists BBQ for all the artists who will be performing during the 2010 Summer Series.

It’ll be a time to chat, meet one another, talk some shop, drink some drinks, have some bites and weave the fabric of a cross-disciplinary community a little bit tighter.

Look for photos that show off how much fun we had next week!

Backyart at the South Street Seaport, this weekend!

April 20, 2010


a massive art show and event series in the Southstreet Seaport
April 22nd- April 29th

Free and Open to the Public
210 Front St.
Organized by Lia Woertendyke & Joe Ahearn

In collaboration w/ Backyart & Showpaper

SCHEDULE (all events begin at 6pm!)

Thursday, April 22nd – OPENING PARTY
>>> performance (w/ live painting) by Colorform
>>> hazing by The Soda Frat

Friday, April 23rd – MUSIC PERFORMANCES
>>> curated by SleepWhenDead
>>> Ava Luna
>>> Blissed Out

>>> curated by Backyart
>>> performance by Annie Lanzilotto & Fiasco
with live tarot card readings by Marcy Currier

Sunday, April 25th – FILM SCREENING
>>> films by Shervin Nassi, Andrea Cruz, Charlie Ahearn, Taras Hrabowsky, Dave Herr, Catalina Martinez, and Liz Laser

>>> readings by Nina Freeman, Alaina Stamatis, Joe Ahearn, Jordan Michael, Tom Henry

Thursday, April 29th – CLOSING PARTY
>>> Square dance lead by The Dust Busters

Overstimulated is a student-curated takeover of a commercial retail space in lower Manhattan’s South Street Seaport, only a few blocks from the student’s university: PACE. A bridge project pulling from the student’s own work to those of their mentors and professors, and extending the collaborators that the student’s have been experimenting with outside of the university, this large scale group show of peers, faculty, and friends represents and celebrates the transition from campus life into the hustling New York art-world.

Almost 50 participating artists with work ranging from fabric installations, interactive sculptures, live painting, photography, film, collage, drawings, and digital illustrations create an immersive environment to explore and lose yourself in throughout the week’s packed schedule of events filled with live music, theater, poetry, and film screenings.

Artwork by Andrea Cruz, Joe Ahearn, Stephany Cardet, Lia Woertendyke, Janine Wallach, Shervin Nassi, Tanya Vazirani, Wanda Ward, Brian Rentas, Anastasiya Kizima, Katherine Sohm, Charlotte Cutler, Katie Hart, Erin Giblin, Emily Morris, Roger Sayre, Linda Herrit, Jane Dickson, Barbara Friedman, Will Pappenheimer, Linda Gottesfeld, Charlie Ahearn, Robin Tewes, Liz Laser, Sarah Valeri, Catalina Martinez, Sam Friedman, Liam Alexander, Lara Goetzel, GJ Lee, Astrid Andujar, Santana Dempsey, Jennie Booth, Dana Perrotti, Dave Herr, Diana Federico, Taras Hrabowsky, Eric Williams, Christine Rucker, Francesca Tallone, Jim Earl, Ali Gauss, Kyle Depew, Daniel Giordano, Kelly Orpelia and more…

FREE Backyart writing workshop tomorrow, Saturday, April 17th!!

April 16, 2010

Come to Backyart tomorrow for our 1st FREE artist workshop:

“Beating the Blank Page”with playwright Mike Poblete

Playwright Mike Poblete hosts one of his favorite writing workshops, “Beating the Blank Page”.

Everyone wants to write but how do you start? Mike will lead you through accessible exercises meant to generate a massive amount of writing in a short period of time. Create and develop characters, put them into different standard conflict scenarios and complete a rough first draft, all in under three hours.

Whether you have never written before or a seasoned veteran, you are going to leave this workshop with a lot of new material!

Email to RSVP, or just show up.

Where it is: at Backyart (649 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211).

What time it is: 2:30-5:30pm.

What to bring: a pen/pencil, a pad of paper and your ideas!

Check out the Films!

April 1, 2010

Thanks to everyone who participated and attended the 2nd annual International Filmfest!! The Irish did a respectable job with three entries covering such topics as loansharking, surreal births and the best parody of “The Hills” you’ve ever seen, but New York came through with a whopping 8 films that you have to see to believe!!

Those of you who couldn’t make our popcornlicious screening check out the films available for streaming:

I Heart NY:

by Jonna, Ruth, Naomi, Jeff and Mike

by Max Woetendyke and Maria Simeone

7 Years by Ati Egas

Home by Carlos Duhaime

Calamity 666 by Carlo Fiorletta

Out There by Aharon Herbert

A Sketch of Insecurity by Lia Woertendyke

The Fighting Irish:

The Town by Team McMuffin

Outside by Team Master Lee

Check out what’s going on next month at Backyart!

Also check out our friends at The Attic Studio in Dublin