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Upcoming Events

The 2010 “Summer Series”

*All Summer Series events held at 649 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211 and entrance is $15 suggested donation unless otherwise noted*

Saturday, August 28, 2010                                                                  7-10pm

Jed Clarke presents his one of a kind sketch hilarity…with puppets in Dutch Gold.

Excerpts from “Tremble” a new psychological thriller by playwright Judah Skoff.  Directed by Ruis Woertendyke.

– “TREMBLE is a story about the sometimes irrational demands of faith, and how it impacts those around the faithful.  What I have tried to do with TREMBLE is write a story that anyone can relate to…using grounded storylines as a jumping off point for broader and more abstract questions such as: what goes into faith? What are faith’s true demands? Who are its victims? TREMBLE ends on an ambiguous note, as I think a play about faith must, because there aren’t really any answers.”

The short horror film, Eye Contact.

– “Eye Contact was shot in New Jersey in late 2007 and completed in 2008. Its budget was $178 dollars and it was shot over the course of 3 days. The intended purpose of Eye Contact is to take an audience back to the unsettling days of 1970’s horror; a time before torture, slasher, and splatter films ruled the day. A time when suspense and terror made our blood run cold.”

The banjo driven folk rock quartet Tall Tall Trees invite you to dance.

– “New York City quartet Tall Tall Trees’ self-titled debut, released in 2009 is garnering high praise for it’s unusual blend of bluegrass, world music, and indie rock. Founded by songwriter/multi-        instrumentalist Mike Savino in 2006, along with guitarist Kyle Sanna, drummer Mathias Kunzli and bassist Benjamin Campbell, the band has developed a reputation for it’s high energy shows and dynamic musicianship.”

Visual artist Mason Saltarrelli will be displaying a solo show in the Backyart studio.

-“Gouache and oil are my mediums of choice as a self-taught painter from New Orleans,La. Found objects inspire me to treat painting as a jazz musician treats a melody. Much like a jazz artist plays a solo of his interpretation off a melody, I create my work by finding inspiration in found images and objects and creating a unique solo. Kachina dolls, St. Lucy, and war generals are common themes in my paintings.”

***Hope to see you there!***


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