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Backyart Productions Presents ANTENORA June 2 – 20

May 19, 2011

“What would you like to be doing right now more than anything else?”
“To be out of this prison.”
“More specific.”
“I want to fuck my girlfriend.”
“Maybe something more social.”

In the wake of last year’s hit THE NEW YORK MONOLOGUES Backyart Productions in association with Amnesty International is proud to present Mike Poblete’s play ANTENORA as part of the 3rd Annual Planet Connections Theatre Festivity.

Two ordinary men are ripped out of their lives and thrown into an anonymous prison where torture is part of life. As darkly comedic as it is heartfelt you will find yourself empathizing, demonizing and strategizing along with them in this frighteningly modern story of survival at any cost through humor, companionship, and imagination.

Starring Max Woertendyke and Ben Williams
Directed by Jessica Creane
Written by Mike Poblete

June 2nd at 4:00PM / June 4th at 3:40PM / June 5th at 9:00PM
June 9th at 9:00PM / June 18th at 8:40PM / June 20th at 6:00PM

At the Robert Moss Theater at 440 Studios (440 Lafayette Street at Astor Place)

Tickets are $18 and can be purchased by clicking here.

See the full ANTENORA website!


The 2011 films are in!!

April 2, 2011

Thanks to all the participants in the 3rd Annual Backyart Film Fest!! This year we had five entries from New York and Ireland utilizing the theme, “So this is the myth you’ve been sleeping with”.  As usual the variety and originality didn’t disappoint.

Check them out for yourself!

Click here to watch “Kiss of the Weregirlfriend” by Infinity Ball Productions

“Bedtime Stories” by Maria Simeone

“All About Audition” by Carlo Fiorletta

“Drugs are Awesome” by Mike Poblete

By Ruth McGowan

See you next year!!


Be part of Backyart’s 3rd Annual Film Fest!

March 9, 2011

It’s that time of year again, when an ecclectic group of artists come out of the woodwork and make some great films in just 72 hours! The last two years have seen an unbelievable mix of styles and genres from all over the world. We’re excited to see what everyone creates this year!

Here’s how it works:

Friday, March 25th at 5:00PM all participants will be emailed the same theme. You will have 72 hours to write, shoot and edit your film utilizing the theme as best you can, and email us a copy by 5:00PM Monday, March 28th. We will then screen the films at CultureFix Friday, April 1 at 8:00PM.

Interested in participating? We are registering teams to be a part of the film fest now!

Here are the basics to help you get started:

Work solo or organize a team as small or large as you like.
Register your team with Backyart by March 25th by emailing
All films must be between 30 seconds and 5 minutes.
Questions? Just ask in your e-mail and we’ll send you all the details!

Check out last year’s films:

by Jonna, Ruth, Naomi, Jeff and Mike

by Max Woetendyke and Maria Simeone

7 Years by Ati Egas

Home by Carlos Duhaime

Calamity 666 by Carlo Fiorletta

Out There by Aharon Herbert

A Sketch of Insecurity by Lia Woertendyke

Let’s see what we make this year!

LAST ever Backyart @ 649 Metropolitan this Saturday, 8/28!

August 27, 2010

Saturday, August 28, 2010                                                                  7-10pm

After 3 years, 24 amazing events and over 250 artists, Backyart is leaving 649 Metropolitan Avenue.  Come say goodbye to us, and learn what the future holds for Backyart and the Backyart team this Saturday, August 28th.  We couldn’t be happier with our closing line-up.  See below for details (plus special guests!)

Jed Clarke presents his one of a kind sketch hilarity…with puppets in Dutch Gold.

Excerpts from “Tremble” a new psychological thriller by playwright Judah Skoff.  Directed by Ruis Woertendyke.

– “TREMBLE is a story about the sometimes irrational demands of faith, and how it impacts those around the faithful.  What I have tried to do with TREMBLE is write a story that anyone can relate to…using grounded storylines as a jumping off point for broader and more abstract questions such as: what goes into faith? What are faith’s true demands? Who are its victims? TREMBLE ends on an ambiguous note, as I think a play about faith must, because there aren’t really any answers.”

The short horror film, Eye Contact.

– “Eye Contact was shot in New Jersey in late 2007 and completed in 2008. Its budget was $178 dollars and it was shot over the course of 3 days. The intended purpose of Eye Contact is to take an audience back to the unsettling days of 1970’s horror; a time before torture, slasher, and splatter films ruled the day. A time when suspense and terror made our blood run cold.”

The banjo driven folk rock quartet Tall Tall Trees invite you to dance.

– “New York City quartet Tall Tall Trees’ self-titled debut, released in 2009 is garnering high praise for it’s unusual blend of bluegrass, world music, and indie rock. Founded by songwriter/multi-        instrumentalist Mike Savino in 2006, along with guitarist Kyle Sanna, drummer Mathias Kunzli and bassist Benjamin Campbell, the band has developed a reputation for it’s high energy shows and dynamic musicianship.”

Visual artist Mason Saltarrelli will be displaying a solo show in the Backyart studio.

-“Gouache and oil are my mediums of choice as a self-taught painter from New Orleans,La. Found objects inspire me to treat painting as a jazz musician treats a melody. Much like a jazz artist plays a solo of his interpretation off a melody, I create my work by finding inspiration in found images and objects and creating a unique solo. Kachina dolls, St. Lucy, and war generals are common themes in my paintings.”

***Hope to see you there!***

Summer Series Re-cap: July 24th!

August 17, 2010

Our July event was awesome. If you weren’t there you missed a lot. A lot of art, a lot of excitement, and a lot of fun. From breaking eggs, to language barriers, gender roles to pinatas, even to breaking Max when he needed 4 small stitches after the pinata hit him back (he’s quite alright just fyi) – it was an undeniably awesome event. Max only spent an hour at the ER and despite being very sad that he had to miss the incredibly cool Colorform, as well as the screening of Charred Oak Film’s hilarious short, The Scientists, he still had a blast. If you weren’t able to come out, check out some pics below, all from the wonderful Matt Logan of Colorform. As always, a HUGE thanks to all our artists, without whom we couldn’t have such a rockin’ time.

Saturday, July 24, 2010* (the 2nd to last Saturday of the month!) 7-10pm

July 21, 2010

The 2010 Summer Series continues this Saturday!

*All Summer Series events held at 649 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211 and entrance is $15 suggested donation unless otherwise noted*

Masha Udensiva-Brenner reads her short comedic memoir piece, about taking her uncle to a failed toy audition, Leetle Green Frog.

“Gradually”, a striking performance piece by Butch Merigoni. Featuring Ben La Rocco, Justin Briggs, and others.

-“People hold the potential for growth and great things regardless of obstacles. There is always a chance  for renewal and progress. This performance refers to the act of not only progress, but the realization of one’s own potential.”

Colorform rocks out with live art created over the course of their full set.

– “Colorform’s goal is to create a multi dimensional artistic experience that is as organic as it is intentional.  We strive to make each performance unique and accessible – with raw human themes presented through words, sound and color.”

Jenny Gomez performs a excerpt from her one-woman show, The Comedy of Gender.

– “The Comedy of Gender is a live performance piece that explores the curious conundrum of sex in the world of comedy. What makes funny? Are men really funnier than women? If not, why aren’t we laughing with them?
These questions and more will be answered in this thought provoking, hilarious presentation….”

Charred Oak Films presents the hilarious short film, “The Scientists.”

Directed by Scott Chinn.

Written by Richard Lovejoy.

Costume Design by Katie Irish.

Starring Kent Meister and Richard Lovejoy.

Artist Caridad Sola will be creating a large scale installation piece in Backyart’s gallery space.

– “Awaken your senses. Dark soil wrapped in white sheets, bricks suspended in air by delicate sheer ribbon, a red-feathered pillow fight in a white room, and gallons of water contained in the holes of giant inner tubes. I expose the buried memories that everyday objects hold. I invite you to feel the materials: stick your hands into water, walk barefoot on pillows, feel the slight roll of freshly-cut sugar cane underneath your feet; smell the feathers, the soil, the cane; and hear the sound of a beating heart or water lapping. In the transformation of these spaces, I create experiences. I have a passion for the grandiose, the dramatic, and the theatrical. I expose viewers to rituals, collective memories, and metaphors. But like memories, these experiences will not last. Installations are ephemeral; after they are de-installed all that remains are memories, documentation, and artifacts. From bricks to pillows, I want to create an unforgettable experience.”

Belated Birthday Re-Cap! June 26, 2010!

July 12, 2010

Backyart’s 2nd birthday was a blast.  The artists were amazing, the food was awesome, the cake was out of this world and the crowd was incredible.  Don’t believe me?  Take a look below and judge for yourself.